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Hattem, The Netherlands
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De Groene Koploper by Hetebrij Prefab

For this project, Hetebrij Prefab's client wanted to realize a sustainable circular business complex that has now become "De Groene Koploper" on business park H2O in Hattem. De Groene Koploper is a building made with timber frame facades and inner walls. The floors and flat roofs consist of CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) with minimal use of steel, and the construction uses cellulose insulation.

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What the customer said

"A big advantage we had in using hsbcad is the easy elaboration of the connection details of the combination of timber frame construction, CLT and steel by using hsbStickFrame. An additional advantage is that the broad export options mean that the technical data can be easily shared with other subcontractors."

- Patrick Looper
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