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Charleroi, Belgien
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Hôtel de Police de Charleroi

The Hôtel de Police de Charleroi is a half-curved and half-elliptical, 26-storey conical tower with a height of 83 meters built in 12 months. Awarded to Sibomat after an international competition, the aim was to create a public welcoming image for the Belgian police while providing the city with a new urban landmark.

Sibomat used hsbcad to design the in-fill walls. Its flexible tools resulted in horizontal beams placed on elliptical curves and vertical beams angled in three different axes (XYZ) to an elliptical centroid. This challenge resulted in every individual beam being uniquely different, yet produced entirely on Uniteam CNC equipment and placement onsite controlled using laser placement equipment.

Sibomat has the experience and knowledge of producing more than 7,000 timber frame houses in one company. Their technical ingenuity makes them a reliable partner for the construction of homes. The current energy-efficient living concepts are second nature to Sibomat. They have been working with wood for over 40 years, opting for locally grown softwood that is felled according to sustainable forest management.

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"hsbcad is not only our partner, it's also the driver of our production process. Because the software is fully automated, we don't have to put manual input in the drawings, so there are less faults in the drawings and in the production process. We can also fully focus on designing our drawings, and it saves us time and money. Implementing hsbcad has changed the way we work."

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