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Refuge du Goûter by JPF-Ducret

Refuge du Goûter by JPF-Ducret is a mountain hut in Haute-Savoie, France. It is located in Arete du Goûter, Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains, at an altitude of 3,835 meters (12,582 feet). It overlooks the Bionnassay Glacier and is the highest award-winning mountain refuge in France. For many climbers, this is an important transit point for the most popular way to reach the top of Mont Blanc, known as the Goûter route. It is technically the least difficult, so it concentrates at least around 75% of the climb. Every year thousands of climbers try to reach the top of this route, spend the night in the refuge and then leave early in the morning for their last efforts. In its current state, the building has a capacity for 120 visitors.

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